T500, Alembic & Sputnik

Info specific to the T500
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Re: T500, Alembic & Sputnik

Post by Jennysgin »

They need to get their micro nutrients somewhere! :lol:

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Re: T500, Alembic & Sputnik

Post by Easydrinker »

Mash wrote:
Fri Dec 06, 2019 7:38 am
Eaten alive.

Read an interesting article yesterday on how many bugs die producing a field of organic vegan wheat. Appears to be 10 per sandwich.
Micro-scopic bugs or big spider type bugs?
Size makes a diff. to the protein count. :lol:

There is no ONE way.
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Re: T500, Alembic & Sputnik

Post by Mash »

:shock: In a vegan mind surely that's the meat count?
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Re: T500, Alembic & Sputnik

Post by phantom »

Easydrinker wrote:
Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:42 pm
You have prompted me to attempt a ginger wine infusion based upon my rhubarb wine.
Thanks phantom! :D

Sorry chap, only just seen your post........

Anyway, last time I did ginger wine, I hadn't been making stuff long.

I had a recipe in mind, but when I spotted the ginger on sale cheap, I just filled a carrier bag - couldn't for the life of me remember how much I needed.

Anyway, jus scrubbed it all clean, shredded with food processor and away I went. There was so much fibre left after the ferment, that I ended up having to strain it all through a clean tea towel, soaked in sanitiser.

I couldn't think what I'd done wrong, because the wine was ginger flavoured but flat and bland. Drinkable but nothing special.

When I was on the last bottle, I just thought WTF! and stirred a teaspoon of sugar into it.

Sippy sippy, tastey taste and bugger me sideways with the rough end of a pineapple!

With the sugar, it was like a Stones/Tatties/Crabbies clone (which was what I was aiming for in the first place).

Big lesson (re)learned. For subtle ginger, dry is the way ahead. For sweet, firey mega-ginger sweet works brilliantly........

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