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Surplus gear

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I have some stuff that I just don't use any more. If anyone is interested it is available.

1. A 30 litre keg thumper. It is a stainless keg, no drain, just a vapour inlet (Essex flange with a cork washer). The first one I built. 22 mm vapour in and 54 mm vapour out. It does have a 35 mm / 1.5" triclamp adaptor if you prefer. I think a 35 mm output is good, but that is just my preference. I can build you any adaptor you like - although I will tell you if I think you are going too small.

2. I have a spare 100 litre keg. It is fitted with two Essex flanges for domestic water heater immersion elements. Big brutes, 2.25" thread, I just don't use these any more. Now I use 1" BSP threaded elements. I was going to chop it up but it does still work perfectly well as a boiler, if you need one. And it has a drain fitted.
6kW pot still.jpg

3. I have a copper boiler/thumper. This is seriously heavy. The base pot is about 2 mm thick - it had two big iron handles when I got it. Some sort of campfire cook pot?
anyhow it is currently a water seal boiler / thumper.
water seal pot.jpg
I had intended to cut off the outer water seal wall and fit a 4" triclamp ferrule instead. However as a pot still it is brilliant, and I do have the water sealed cap available if you are interested. I will change this for a 1.5" triclamp ferrule instead of the compression fitting if you like. I use the 1.5" TC 35 mm ferrules as standard nowadays.
It is about 3 gallons, and can be either a thumper or a boiler if you put it on a hot plate. It is functional and not pretty, and the postage will cost you - it is heavy - but it is a nice bit of gear.

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