For Sale Boka with Pot Still Liebig arm

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For Sale Boka with Pot Still Liebig arm

Post by Elecrafter »

Guys, I have a 1.2m high Bokabob, that is split with Tri-Clamps so it can be used as a Bokabob or a straight Pot Still.
It works well, and gives you the options for both types of still head.

The straight Copper pipe is 800mm long. Its just the top end that you change to get a Bokabob or a Pot Still.
The small condenser is for the Bokabob set up, and the Long one is for Pot Still mode.
The very short condenser goes on the output valve for final cooling.
The 90degree Stainless Bend has a fitting for a temperature probe.
The main Boka Coil is the same length tube as a double coil and works well.

All cleaned and ready to go.
I have used this for the last 2 years, and have since moved on to a 3" plated still.
It's idea for a 50L boiler with a 2"/64mm Triclamp fitting.

The soldering does not look too wonderful, as my hands are not as steady as they used to be, but it does not leak.
Oh its all lead Free Solder as well.

Price £150 (there is over £120 worth of copper / parts there alone)

PM me if you are interested.


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Re: For Sale Boka with Pot Still Liebig arm

Post by Easydrinker »

Someone should bite your hand off soon,

There is no ONE way.
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