How long until whisky smells like whisky?

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How long until whisky smells like whisky?

Post by StillDave »

I've been meaning to ask this for sometime now. We all know that whether it's Arderg or tescos Value whisky....when you take the top off, it always has that unmistakable whisky smell, right? So, my question long is it until our own product, when kept on wood, gets that whisky aroma? I ask mainly becuase I can't leave mine alone for more than a few obviously it's not going to pick up that the qustion.
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Re: How long until whisky smells like whisky?

Post by Maker »

Untill starting this hobby I had not appreciated whisky at all and just bought the finest, or should I say the most you can buy with the least cost... banging head and gut rot thrown in for free, these smelled like whisky.
So what does a good whisky smell like?
Microwaved cornflake whisky on oak after just 6 months with a little airing smells wonderful in my opinion and better than a lot of whiskys I have tried, much smoother to taste, you cant buy cornflake whisky for any amount of money you know, it is only for the few special people who can be bothered, so to answer your question, no idea.
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Re: How long until whisky smells like whisky?

Post by Easydrinker »

I try, and try and try, to keep whisky aging, I am trying to provide for my own wake.
The last couple of DJ's, oaked this almost gone year, are starting to smell right, but I am not tasting them.
I have some resolve.
The sister spirits from these distilations were for the most part "nuclear" aged, and mostly drunk and very much enjoyed.

How long until whisky smells like whisky?
Is a question deserving of a long chat, over a glass or two.
If you ask me, :)

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