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Welcome to Still Smarter.

People will continue to illicitly distill, whatever is put in their path.
We want to keep home distillers and home distilling, safe.
This forum is dedicated to safety, and sharing ideas to that end.
Distilling safety, with To-do’s and NOT To-do’s.
We doff our caps to sites like home distiller, who are working to a similar goal.
Here, maybe, we have a little more time to spend on general chattiness.
We can help you make cheap spirits, in a safe way.
Low cost alcohol in a win, win, way.

There are many sites that discuss “how to” and we are not here to stop you if you “want to”.
Our pragmatic view is, we will help you “safely do so”.
Your eBay/”other” supplier may not care.

We share recipes and ideas.
Along with designs, products & suppliers to use.

It runs like a pub, so pull up a chair and join us. There are no silly questions, someone here usually has the answer to even the most basic question. If you don’t ask the question we might have nothing to talk about.

We are a friendly bunch, so there is also chat about vegetables, washing up, and just about anything else.

Come and say hello, we definitely have not heard it all before. Nor will we tell you to go away and “read more…”